Love is War- Spoken Word Poetry

20 Dec


Love is War-


My father once told me that love is a lot like war

And, at first, I didn’t believe him


But you’ve had me shell-shocked from our first lip-lock

I want to march my fingers through the landmines of your spine

A drummer boy carefully patrolling, treading, dragging

his feet across each hilly vertebra to the beat of charges exploding Continue reading

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Absolutely Unimaginable and Disgusting

14 Dec


I heard the sickening news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut pretty early this morning. I find it unimaginable and heartbreaking that something like this could happen. Sure, being from Colorado, I am unsettling familiar with shootings, but nothing with elementary school students.  Continue reading

Muscular Dystrophy the Magician

10 Dec


Muscular Dystrophy the Magician-

It ate Christian’s sense of humor
and left it drooping under his eyes,
yanked handkerchief courage through his small mouth
creating a cavity in his chest,
hung from his soft face stretching his skin
until it was loosened like a sad, old balloon.

Continue reading

Dear Nat

10 Dec

Dear Nat,

I almost crashed my car today
on the way back from the grocery store

The moment between possible death
and the realization you’re still alive
is what it’s like when
you bite my bottom lip Continue reading

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