Dear Nat

10 Dec

Dear Nat,

I almost crashed my car today
on the way back from the grocery store

The moment between possible death
and the realization you’re still alive
is what it’s like when
you bite my bottom lip

When adrenaline pumped hot
energy into my bloodstream
and my torso was crashing in on itself
I realized I want us
to be Paolo and Francesca
entwined like old trees
that would fall if the other wasn’t there
and blown around in the company
of Guinevere and Lancelot
like a plastic bag forced to dance on the highway

You have always been good at metaphors
I asked why you are so reserved
Remember what you said?
“God should have thought twice
About the ribcage, you said
Bone covered by thin skin
It’s like an old covered wagon
and you don’t cross the west in a covered wagon
Without your china getting broken
That’s why I don’t trust my ribcage
I protect my china
wrap it in newspaper awareness
and keep it behind the back of open hands”

I want to hold you so hard
so close that our ribcages
mesh together like two broken privacy fences
and our hearts can lay inside them
like two children in a tree house
and only we know
that the password to climb the ladder is
that our fingers don’t quite fit together
but we still hold hands
The way you rub my callouses
That I won’t let you take the trash out at night
and how you love to sleep
with your head tucked in the crest of my chin

I forgot to get bread
but don’t worry babe
I’ll pick some up tomorrow

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