Muscular Dystrophy the Magician

10 Dec


Muscular Dystrophy the Magician-

It ate Christian’s sense of humor
and left it drooping under his eyes,
yanked handkerchief courage through his small mouth
creating a cavity in his chest,
hung from his soft face stretching his skin
until it was loosened like a sad, old balloon.

Tapped his head twice
to make his dark hair thin then disappear.
A couple of abra-ca-dabras to
pull plushness from his frame
and leave a boney structure
covered by flimsy skin
like an old quilt on an iron birdcage.
It pulled the cover revealing a couple, cold, coal mine canaries
within his ribcage

Clapped its hands
and forced his eyes inward.
Swung its wand and made him dizzy and clumsy.
Sawed his mobility into pieces and
gnawed on his ability to communicate
and with a swing of a cape left him sitting still

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