Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Absolutely Unimaginable and Disgusting

14 Dec


I heard the sickening news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut pretty early this morning. I find it unimaginable and heartbreaking that something like this could happen. Sure, being from Colorado, I am unsettling familiar with shootings, but nothing with elementary school students. 

I’m not trying to minimize the Aurora Movie Theater, Columbine or Platte Canyon shootings, but those are different from this one. These are children that haven’t even reached ten years of age. I don’t know what kind of person would murder young children. Just hearing the students describe what has happened is heartbreaking. To hear the events recounted in the vocabulary and voice of an eight year old is crushing.

At this moment, not much information has come out, but it was just released that twenty-seven were dead with an estimate of eighteen of those were children. I can’t even imagine the panic and fear that those parents are feeling. I am very sad that this event happened so close to Christmas. This means that some parents might already have presents under the tree for children that were victims of this atrocity. My heart truly goes out to those students, parents and community of Newtown, Connecticut.

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